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Welcome to the #1 Apex Legends boosting service

Here at S TIER BOOSTING we off a wide variety of different categories that you can sink your teeth into! One of our best sellers is our ranked leagues where we have a working slider so that you can select your exact ladder points you are current on & where you want us to place you at! Our individual highest sought after item is definitely the 4k/20b badge within the badges selection

There will also be a service out very soon for grinding weapon prestiges for all guns in apex from the r-301 to the P2020, so stay posted and watch this space for updates!

Speaking of updates the best place to stay up to date and get regular discount drops would be to join our discord. This community offers not only fantastic customer support and complete guidence throughout your boosting journey with fasters response time but a genuine, good vibe full of a lot of like minded good clients who will also be more than happy to assist you because we take care of them so much, they help us out from gratitude and we are forever thankfull for everyone's loyalty.


If you feel like you want to attack the ranked grind on your own then you should definitely look into getting a 'play along' to play with a booster in ranked leagues or head over to coaching, within both of these categories you can be trained and run alongside some of the best players on apex! With tips, tricks & strategies to help evolve you into the next-level player you want to be.



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