How this works?

If you have any questions about when we can get your order started please message our live chat so we can give you an ETA

The way this works is when we receive your order our team will be in touch with our professional boosters, who will be chose according to how fast they can get your order started.

Our boosters will start the process of playing on your account after they and you are ready and you have your account information for the selected platform with you and sent to us within our live chat. After this they will then continue to grind until they reach the goal/rank of the service which we are offering, sign out of your account and remove that account from the platform and then we are done! Simple as that! 

What a lot of our customers do when purchasing a boost is change their password eg. 'STierBoosts' for the duration of the order and then after change back to their preferred password!


What we need from you:

-Account information related to the platform of boost

-Potential 2factor authentication code(sent to # or @)

 -Whilst boosters are occupying your account please stay off as not to cause any sign outs mid game!


What you'll get from us:

-Account security🔒

-ASAP service⚡


-KD increase😈

-Professional level boosts🥇


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