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Purchasing any of the below will advance your rank in Apex Legends Arenas Ranked. Want Apex Predator, Masters & more? Then purchase them all here! Please note that you will need to select the correct amount of tiers that suit your needs. For example if you are Diamond 4 currently you will need to select 4 tiers if you want a master's boost!

-S Tier




Arena Masters +500
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Arena Masters +500 £200.00
Arena Masters +100
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Arena Masters +100 £49.99
Arena Diamond
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Arena Diamond from £39.99
Arena Platinum Tiers
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Arena Platinum Tiers from £18.75
Arena Gold Tiers
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Arena Gold Tiers from £10.00
Arena Silver Tiers
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Arena Silver Tiers from £5.00
Arena Bronze Tiers
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Arena Bronze Tiers from £2.50

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